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From the headline, you can think the aim of this article. Nobody write about writing skill but it is very important for every blogger. Writing skill is not your handwriting but it is how you write your post effectively in your blog.
Every blogger want to help their reader. He/she tries to research and then write. But mostly blogger don’t write their post effectively. Their post will go out of mind to reader. They don’t satisfy their reader about their content. Result of this, the reader will ignore this blog and the blogger may loss a loyal visitor.
If you want to really help to your visitor then you should work on your writing skill. If your words are the reader’s words, then nobody can’t stop to become successful blogger.
In this article, I would like to guide to improve your writing skill. Keep reading every point carefully.
1.    Command on your language – This can looks simple but this is very difficult task. Many blogger write their post in own language, it is too good but if their language is not understand by the targeted visitors. You should modify your words according to your readers. You should post on their easy to understanding language. But note that, to improve your language skill, don’t try to use heavy words which is out of reach to your visitors mind.
2.    Ask your like-minded – you should ask opinion about posts from your like-minded people like friends, readers etc. They can help to attention your mind on which should be change according to them. So, take feedback continuously from your colleges.
3.    Do homework – Many blogger starts to write post without any home work. This can damage your content SEO. Select a topic and research about that topic and when sufficient data is occurred then think to write.
4.    Write in lists – Lists provide the simple navigation to the reader. Creating a list for blogger is also interesting. Readers also enjoy to reading data in list. Lists provide the huge data in summary, easy to understand, easy to comparison etc. unique features. So, write your data in lists when necessary.
5.    Fonts and size – This is also effects on reading ability of the reader. If your article data is not in the easy fonts and proper size, then it can trouble to the reader. So, write your content in popular fonts and proper size.
6.    Line Spacing – Line spacing also effects on the reading ability of the reader. Increase your content line spacing from 1 to more. Generally, default line spacing is 1 but you can change is more.
7.    Write in MS word – First, you should write your content in Microsoft word, Microsoft word provides the simple interface to write paragraph. You can easily check wrong spelling, line sequence and many other grammatical features.
8.    Focus on Key point – Always keep your focus on a particular topic while writing. You should collect data on a particular topic, analyze them and then start to write.
9.    Think about audience – You are writing your post for your audience. So, think about your audience background, education level, and geography etc. terms. This also can help to improve your writing skill.
10.                       Engaged – The ultimate thing to your post is engaging. Your post should engage your visitors to comment, share, +1 your post. This is your winning of writing. A successful writing really help to their visitors and engaged.

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