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Blogging is the way to help and guide your reader. And for help and guide, your content should be effectively well understood by the reader. Hence, successful blog posting are the way to satisfy the reader of your blog.
To understand your content to reader is much difficulty problem to every blog. There are many fundamental way to communication with the reader. Note that in blog, your words are your mouth of communication. So, we can understand these methods via 7’s effectively communication tips.
In this article, I would like to share 7 tips to write blog post effectively.

1.    Completeness – Your post must be complete. It must have all necessary information related to heading. Your article must relate with the heading and user’s query. So, find all information about your content and then write. Complete information leads to the satisfaction to the reader and lead loyal reader.

A complete blog post has following features:
·       It develops and enhances reputation of an organization.
·       They are cost saving as no crucial information is missing. And also no additional cost is required in conveying extra post if your post is complete.
·       A complete post always gives the additional information wherever required. It leaves no doubt and objection in the reader mind.
·       It helps in better decision making by the reader if they get all desired and crucial information with loyalty.
·       A complete post also persuades the audience.

2.    Conciseness – Conciseness means wordiness (long-wideness). It means your post should be in least possible words without remove valuable information. A concise post is complete and brings emphasis by eliminating unnecessary words. Conciseness is a necessity for effectively communication. A conciseness communication has following features:
a.    It leads to reduce words thus it is a time saving as well as cost saving.
b.    It underlines and highlights the main message of the post. It removes unnecessary information from the blog post mean better readability to the reader.
c.     It provides the short and essential information in limited words to the audience.
d.    Concise message is more appealing and comprehensible to the audience.
e.     Concise information must not be repetitive.
3.    Consideration – Consideration implies “stepping into the shoes of others”.  Effective communication must take the audience into consideration. You should have all the knowledge your blog reader. It may be audience view point, background, mind-set, education level etc. You are going to writing for your audience so you must have information about your readers. MODIfy your words according to your audience needs. A consideration blog post has following features:
a.    Emphasize and adapt “you attitude” approach. Your readers are your all.
b.    Highlight on the audience and exhibit interest in the audience. This will leads to the positive reaction from the readers.
c.     Show optimism towards your audience. Emphasize on “what is possible” rather then “what is impossible”.  Be positive and show your positivism in your post.
4.    Clarity – This say that your post should be clear in very first instance. It creates meaningful understanding and brings feedback from reader. In other words, your post is actually understood by the receiver. Clarity implies emphasizing on a specific topic or goal at a time, rather then trying too much at once.  It has following features:
a.    It makes better understanding to post.
b.    Complete clarity of thoughts and ideas enhances the meaning of posts.
c.     Clear post makes use of exact, appropriate and concrete words.

5.    Concreteness – It means that your post should be effective, clear, specific, vivid and definite. Concrete post implies being particular and clear. It strengthens the confidence and leave a positive message to the reader. It has following features:
a.     It is supported with exact details and information.
b.    It makes use of words that are understandable and that build the position.
c.     Concrete (real) posts are not misinterpreted.
6.    Courtesy – Courtesy in post implies the post should show the author expressions as well as should give value to the reader. The author of the Post should be sincerely respectful, sensible, thoughtful and excited. It has following features:
a.    It implies taking into consideration both viewpoints as well as feelings of the receiver of the message.
b.    Courtesy posts are positive and focused to the audience.
c.     Your post should show the respect to the reader of your blog.
7.    Correctness – This is ultimate C among 7’C. According to this, your post should not have any grammatical errors in communication. A correct post has following features:
a.    Your post should be accurate, truthful and favorable.
b.    A correct post boosts your confidence and brings a positive attitude in writing.
c.     A correct post has greater impact to the reader.
d.    It checks the exactness and correctness of information and data used in post.
e.     Your language, written in post, should be correct and easily understand by your audience.

In this article, I explained basic 7 C’s to write blog post. I hope this will definitely work. If you have any query/feedback/suggestion, feel free to leave in comment box.
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This world is filled by the blogger. Every blogger want to become a successful blogger but few can get this goal. Why??? Many surveys say that 99.9% on the internet are not useful or less of information. Also, only 1% blogs have some readership and 99.5% blog don’t generate any money.
A successful blogging is to get the traffic from search engine, social sites or other platforms and methods.
If you are a blogger then you should know these points of unsuccessful and remove these words from your dictionary.
1.    Bad content – Many times you read that Content is king. But mostly blogger only read this line. Always write great quality post. Your post should have all the information related to your title tag. It also has a unique title and description.
2.    Write for public – This is also leads to failure in blogging industry. Many blogger write some post on a specific topic and next day, they will write for another topic. Remember that, there are not way to read your post for public. Write for only your targeted audience not public.
3.    Ignore social sites – Many blogger thinks that if they will write quality content then their blog traffic will boost automatically. They think that search engine will index them and index on the top, someone journalism will search them and write for there article. There mind is wrong. If you are a blogger (new) then you should drive traffic from social sites. Search engine also index on the top which are popular post on the web. However, your primary focus on the quality posts then social sites.
4.    Limited Knowledge of the blog content
5.    Inconsistency
6.    Blogging platform
7.    Cultural variations
8.    Poor response to the comment.
9.    Layout of your blog.
10.                       Other factors like Bandwidth of your blog, Google page rank, domain-name, speed, communication platform etc.

Thanks for reading this post :-)

Please leave your query/suggestion/feedback in comment box. I will response your query very soon.
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As we know that post writing is a well research article. It must have all the information related to heading and description of the page. Effective post is the result of best planning.
Generally, three steps are involved to plan blog post.
1.    Data collection
2.    Data selection
3.    Data arrangement.
1. Data collection – Collection of data is done by various methods like books, internet etc. You should collect all the information related to your topic. Collection of data creates the new ideas in post.
2. Data selection – This is the second step of strategy to write post. Collected data are filtered and selected according to the topic. The extract data should cover all the information about the related topic.
3. Data arrangement – This is the third step to write post. The selected content is effectively arranged according to title. This is the designed process of selected data and must have creative mind.

I hope these three tips works for your blog post. Further, You are genius J . I consider myself lucky if this information helps you. Best of luck!
If you have any query or suggestion about this post. Feel free to leave in comment box.

Thanks for reading this post :-)   Follow this blog
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Successful blogging is to get traffic on your blog. If your blog has high traffic, you are successful blogger. You can earn money if you have high visitors to you blog.
However, to increase traffic is very difficulty, but I want to share some information how I increase traffic to my blog (indiawebpage.blogspot.com).
Follow some tips to increase your blog or website.
1.     Submit your blog or website to search engine – Submit your website on top search engines like Google, yahoo, bing.com. When you submit your blog or website in search engine, search engine will indexing and crawling your blog or website. They will display your blog or website in search engine.

2.     Submit your new articles to search engine – Also submit your content in search engines, Search engine like Google, yahoo will indexing and crawling your article. They will also display your article link in their searching. Submit your link to search engine quickly when you update you article or post new article.

3.     Get traffic from social sites – Today, mostly people use social sites to connect the virtual social world. Social sites have millions of user. You can drive these users to your blog or website. These users are original user and they will connect with you with social sites. These users can build your loyal visitors of your website.
a.     Get traffic from Facebook – Today, Facebook is a famous social networking site. It is easy to use. It has millions of user daily. You can drive this traffic to your blog or website. Create a Facebook page and connect with your target visitors. You can also advertise with Facebook and get huge followers. You can get huge traffic daily by submitting 5-6 post daily on Facebook with your links.

b.     Get Traffic from Google plus – Google plus are fast growing social sites, mostly user creating their profile on Google+. Google plus also has millions of user. So, create a Google plus profile or Google plus page on Google+ and link this page with your website or blog. Google will display in searching your blog or website. Post article with your website link on Google plus page and get mass traffic to your blog. Thus, Google plus is another way to drive traffic to your website.

c.     Get traffic from Twitter – Micro-blogging sites twitter.com is another famous social networking site. It is also easy to use and work. Twitter has also millions of visitors. You can drive these visitors to your blog or website. Create your profile on Twitter.com and create high following list on twitter. You can advertise with twitter and promote your profile on twitter. Post article in Twitter with your website link and get huge traffic from twitter.

d.     Get traffic from Linkedin.com – Linkedin.com is another popular social networking site which has also millions of users online daily. Linkedin.com is profession site which have profession user. If your blog or website has high quality content then you must create profile in Linkedin.com because it has profession user mostly. They can build your loyal visitor of your site.

4.     Prepare your website for Google searching – Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. As we know that mostly people search keywords in Google. So, to get Traffic from Google is very important. SEO measure the search quality of your website in search engine like Google. So, improve your SEO.
Follow some tips to improve SEO:-
a.     Create backlinks – Search engine measure the popularity of website according to backlinks. Backlinks is one of the factors which tell the search engine about your website popularity. So, create huge backlinks of your blog or website.

b.     Improve your page rank – Increase your blog or website page rank. Google will give high priority of those sites which have high Page rank.

c.     Submit organic and quality article – Always write organic and quality content. Google likes fresh content and also give high priority. Submit always fresh and original article. Google will index your blog on the top which result high traffic to your website.

d.     Get traffic from high page rank sites – This is another way to get high traffic. Get traffic from those sites which have high Google page rank. Thus, Google will increase your rank and indexed your website on the top of the page.

5.     Promote your website in local newspaper – If you do online local business, and then advertise your website on local newspaper is a good way to get traffic for your website. You can create loyal visitors to your blog or website via newspaper advertisement. Thus, newspaper advertisement is a simple source to get traffic to your blog or website. So, Contact your local newspaper agency.

6.     Submit Guest post on other related sites – Guest post is another way to drive traffic to your blog or website. Guest post is very important to increase your website rank. Find top PR rank sites which offer the free guest post writing. However, you don’t worry to find these sites because my blog offers the guest post writing. You can submit your article on my blog and drive traffic to your sites. You can submit your backlinks on my blog. So, don’t think and click on submit guest post, which is given above. I will add your post after approval and send you message when approval your post.

7.     Write comment on blog or websites – When you write comment on other blog or website, leave your website link with comment. Thus, comment can be a small but effective source of your website.

8.     Join forum groups – Many sites offers discuss platform on various topic. You can drive traffic from these site by leave your website link in comments.

9.     Answer the questions – Many sites like yahoo offers to give answer of questions. You can leave your website links in answer and when user fined this questions and answers they will drive to your sites.

10.                        Create a channel on Youtube.com – As we know that youtube is a famous search engine. You can create your Youtube channel and drive traffic to your sites. Thus, Youtube can play an important role to bring traffic to your website or blog.

11.                        E-mail subscribers – E-mail subscribers are good for website traffic. If your visitors will subscribe your E-mail newsletter then you can send every new post automatically. E-mail subscribers will get your new post link on their E-mail instantly. Thus, E-mail subscribe is very good for increase website traffic. Add E-mail subscriber button to your website and encourage your visitors to click on it.

I hope this tips are very useful to improve your blog or website traffic.

Tags:- How to drive traffic to my blog, Free traffic, Tips for get traffic from Google, Facebook, Google+, linkedin.com, twitter, FB, E-mail subscribes, Youtube.com,
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From the headline, you can think the aim of this article. Nobody write about writing skill but it is very important for every blogger. Writing skill is not your handwriting but it is how you write your post effectively in your blog.
Every blogger want to help their reader. He/she tries to research and then write. But mostly blogger don’t write their post effectively. Their post will go out of mind to reader. They don’t satisfy their reader about their content. Result of this, the reader will ignore this blog and the blogger may loss a loyal visitor.
If you want to really help to your visitor then you should work on your writing skill. If your words are the reader’s words, then nobody can’t stop to become successful blogger.
In this article, I would like to guide to improve your writing skill. Keep reading every point carefully.
1.    Command on your language – This can looks simple but this is very difficult task. Many blogger write their post in own language, it is too good but if their language is not understand by the targeted visitors. You should modify your words according to your readers. You should post on their easy to understanding language. But note that, to improve your language skill, don’t try to use heavy words which is out of reach to your visitors mind.
2.    Ask your like-minded – you should ask opinion about posts from your like-minded people like friends, readers etc. They can help to attention your mind on which should be change according to them. So, take feedback continuously from your colleges.
3.    Do homework – Many blogger starts to write post without any home work. This can damage your content SEO. Select a topic and research about that topic and when sufficient data is occurred then think to write.
4.    Write in lists – Lists provide the simple navigation to the reader. Creating a list for blogger is also interesting. Readers also enjoy to reading data in list. Lists provide the huge data in summary, easy to understand, easy to comparison etc. unique features. So, write your data in lists when necessary.
5.    Fonts and size – This is also effects on reading ability of the reader. If your article data is not in the easy fonts and proper size, then it can trouble to the reader. So, write your content in popular fonts and proper size.
6.    Line Spacing – Line spacing also effects on the reading ability of the reader. Increase your content line spacing from 1 to more. Generally, default line spacing is 1 but you can change is more.
7.    Write in MS word – First, you should write your content in Microsoft word, Microsoft word provides the simple interface to write paragraph. You can easily check wrong spelling, line sequence and many other grammatical features.
8.    Focus on Key point – Always keep your focus on a particular topic while writing. You should collect data on a particular topic, analyze them and then start to write.
9.    Think about audience – You are writing your post for your audience. So, think about your audience background, education level, and geography etc. terms. This also can help to improve your writing skill.
10.                       Engaged – The ultimate thing to your post is engaging. Your post should engage your visitors to comment, share, +1 your post. This is your winning of writing. A successful writing really help to their visitors and engaged.

Thanks for reading this post :-)
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Blog is the powerful way of two way communication. It is like customer support online platform. Many brands create the blog to establish in the market. They always try to going forward in the market against their competitor. Blogging is the powerful way to reach targeted audience and make them royal consumer. By blogging, we can publish our content in the market and take reactions of reader instantly.
In this article, what I would going to say, must read every blogger before start a blog???
1.    Survey of your audience
2.    Have a great domain
3.    Great platform
4.    Frequently updated
5.    Easy to navigate
6.    Comment allowed

7.    Reader friendly layout
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To get traffic from us dominant country like USA, Canada, UK etc. are always dream for every blogger. Every blogger want to traffic from US. Why???
Why US traffic is important for blogger???
This is simple. Let we use adsense, adhitz etc. sites for monetize our blog. Mostly ad revenue sites gives the more beneficial to the click if the traffic is comes from US countries.
In this article I would like to explain some tricks to get traffic from US to your blog.
1.    Your blog is in English language
First of all, your blog must be in English language. USA, UK, Canada are English speaking countries so you should write blog in their language.
2.    Submit your site in Social bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleupon, reddit etc.
There are many social bookmarking sites which have USA dominant users. You can drive these users toward your blog. Just become the member of these sites and make followers, submit your articles and get huge traffic.
Remember that these sites have mainly traffic from USA, UK, and Canada if you want traffic from these countries.
3.    Submit your blog in Yahoo directory.
Yahoo is a popular search engine of USA. It’s mainly traffic comes from USA. So, you should submit your blog in Yahoo directory. You should manually apply for this directory. An administrator will approve your blog manually.
4.    Comment on those blog which has a huge traffic from USA.
You can select those blogs which have high traffic from USA. You can subscribe, follow and other method to connect these blog. You can leave comments in these blogs and engage users to drive towards your blog.
5.    Target your followers of US via social sites easily.
Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube etc. sites have millions of active users including USA. You can become the member of these sites and can target the users of specific country.
6.    Join forums which comes mostly traffic from US.
Forum is the popular way to communicate with the communities of like-minded people. You can join Blogger communities’ forum mainly which has high traffic from USA. You can submit article in these forum and engage to drive toward your blog.
7.    Submit US dominant interested articles
This is also important method to get traffic from US countries. You should write for US dominant people. Write posts on solutions of there queries in their words and mind.
8.    Be a person of US.
This is also interesting factor but lead to communication with US people. If you are the person of US then it is much simple to understand the mind of local people. Same country factor will connect the people due to nationality inspiration. However, don’t worry if you are not resident of USA, because mostly people want to solution of there problem not think whose resident solve.
9.    Submit your blog in USA, Canada and U.K. directories
Submit your blog in USA, Canada and UK directories. People love to bookmarks these directories and frequently used to search local blog. If your blog have in these directory then you can make loyal visitors from US.
  10. Advertise with USA demographic sites.
This is the ultimate paid but can boost your traffic instantly. You should select popular like-minded sites which comes traffic from US. Advertise with these sites. You can advertise in Google using Google Adwords. Google Adwords provide the facility to target your visitors in specific country and specific keyword.
Note: - You can view those sites which has come traffic from us mainly. I use alexa.com to see these types of sites.

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Approved way to earn money online in India.

Earn money in india without any investiment
Today, internet is not only way of commutate the world but you can earn money form this. Popularity of internet generates a platform to earn money from it. As we know that mostly educated people surf the web and find the information. This is the targeted community in the internet from which we can earn money by helping them. You think how you can help them in the internet and how to earn money from this. Don’t worry; I will explain all points which earn money from you. You must complete read this article to understand all points related to earn money.
Way to earn money online in india

Today everybody will want to earn money. There are two ways of earn money in this world. First is Online and other is offline. If you want to earn money from online in India then you reach on the right place. I will share all information related to your query.
Earn money for student from internet

First, I want to tell that how I earn money from the internet means online in India. I will explain this method with my best knowledge. Please read this carefully, this can change your life; decision is in your hands.
Blogging – Yes!!! This is the most popular method to earn money online in India. Create your blog and earn money from it. You can become your own boss and can earn unlimited money. I also do blogging and earn a lot of money from it.
Follow these steps to earn money from blogging –
1.    Create your blog: - Create your blog with a unique URL. You can also create a free blog and earn money online.
2.    Just go to blogger.com and register yourself and create a blog.
3.     Post some good quality articles in this blog and
4.    Sign up for Google adsense.
5.    When Google adsense will approve your blog, you can put ads in your blog. When visitors will view your blog and click on this ads, adsense will pay money to you.
Note:- This is a most popular method to earn money online in India. But you can not earn money instantly. You should give your blog for minimum 1 or 2 month. However, if you want to income continuous and you want to guide people in your field by write articles, then you should do blogging. You can see this website. This is my blog and you see ads on my blog. Infolinks.com will pay to me for these ads.

Paid articles – If you have no infrastructure to manage your blog i.e. you don’t wait for 1 or 2 month then paid articles writing is good money making option for you.
If you are an expert on your field and you and write articles then you can earn money from it.  Many blog or websites offers to pay for write articles. This may be from $1 to $50 per post.
Freelancer Writing – This is also similar with the paid articles and if you have technical skill but you are weak to manage articles. I want to share some sites list which pay for write article for them. Click on these sites and best of luck!
Note:- 1. Before apply for freelancing articles, you should know your field of interest.
2.They can take your free sample article to check your skill. You should create a blog and post some good articles.
3. Every site pay different value of money for writing, so you should compare and choose who best pay you.
1.      You must check their paid history.

Video marketing – We know that youtube is the second search engine after Google. You will notice that in youtube video, a ads will be show before starting a video. This ad was put by the user who uploads this video. And he/she earn money from it.
Now, the question is how the money makes from youtube.
First, you should have the ability to record, editing etc basic formatting knowledge of video. If you have these ability, you can earn huge money from youtube.
Follow these steps to earn money online in India from youtube
1.    Create youtube channel :- First of all, you should create a youtube account. Fill your information and upload your picture.
2.    Upload unique and viral video :- Upload a video which can takes some views from youtube. This video must be unique means not copy from other channels.
3.    Now invite your friends to view this video. Also, send a link in social sites.
4.    Increase subscriber – Increase your subscriber list. For a new channel, you can invite your friends to subscribe your channel.
5.    When your channel’s videos get sufficient views like 500+ view then you can apply for adsense to monetize your video. From youtube, you can directly apply for adsense.
6.    After approval of your account, before your videos, ads will be show. You will be pay for each views.
Note:-  To earn money from youtube is also popular way today. If you have skill to give voice to your words, then this platform gets your popularity as well as earning.
To earn money from this platform you should focus on your videos quality. If your video quality is good then this can be viral.

Paid Surveys – Now a day, every brand will research to the market to establish in the industry. They will want to know the users opinion for their products. Surveys are very costly work, but some sites provide the facility to take surveys at a place and online. These sites have thousands of active users. When companies want to take survey for their product then it meet to the website and website will deliver this data to the active users.
Generally, active users will get from 1 to 10 survey links in their e-mail. They can give their opinion anytime. They will credit for every survey and earn money for every survey.
You can join these surveys and give your opinion. I listed some sites which paid for surveys.

Tips for earn money from surveys in India.
1.    Create a separate e-mail id to manage your surveys.
2.    Every sites pay according to its market, so choose a best survey sites for you.
3.    You can join many sites for generate more revenue.
4.    Try to do best response in surveys.
Note:- You can search similar sites related to paid survey in Google if you want to join more sites. Always see the popularity and paid history of the website. You can check their popularity using alexa.com
Playing Games – This will be humorous if you don’t earn money from internet. Many sites will pay you for playing games. Everyone likes to play game on both places online and offline.
I think this question will be in your mind that how these sites will pay for playing games. Actually, these sites have many advertisers and when you play games on their site, advertiser will pay to the website.
Now, you will know these sites revenue. And if you want to spend an entertainment moment with earn money online then join these sites quickly.
Here is the list of website which pay for playing game on their site.
Tips for earn money by playing games
1.    For every site, these sites have different payout to their user. So, join a network which is fit for you.
2.    Some site will pay you for quiz; students can increase their knowledge and making money also.
3.    These sites will be used for earning, when you are boring and want to entertainment environment as well as earn money.
4.    Always check their paid history and popularity.

Online Tutorial – If you are a student and want to earn money online then you can try this method to earn money online. Many sites which provide notes, tutorial video, tips etc for students. If you have skill to write notes or encourage students to their subjects then you can apply for online tutorial. They can take your online interview or can see your tutorial video. You should be ready to always face these situation after apply for these sites.
However, there may be many field for tutorial and you can earn money from those sites if you have skill relevant field.
Here, I listing some sites which hire online tutor.
Tips for earn money online in India from tutorial
1.    Generally recruiter can take your resume, so  complete this.
2.    Generally, for online tutor, they take your online video. So, make your classroom video or relevant video effectively.
3.    Always check their history.
PPC and referral earning sites: - PPC means pay per click. Many sites on the internet will pay you for click on their ads. These sites have a platform of user and advertisers. Publishers will distribute money to the user from advertiser. Publisher also has a part in revenue sharing. The main important feature of these sites is referral user bonus. Referral user means which invited by you on these sites. Some sites give lifetime bonus from this user.
For e.g. if a user will sign up with your referral link then he/she will be your referral user. If website will give you 10% lifetime bonus then your account will be credit with his/her 10% earning. Your earning will be boost according to your downline increase.
List of PPC sites which pay for per click.

Affiliate marketing – If you have a blog or website then you can earn money from affiliate marketing. You can use affiliate marketing to earn extra money. In the affiliate marketing, you will be paid for every sale not for ads. Affiliates sites will provide a link, you can share it in your blog or can share in social sites.
There are many sites which pay for referral commission, I listed these sites below. Join these networks if you can sell products by referral links.
Sell your art, crafts and other handcrafts here and make money.
E-books Selling – If you have a passion of writing and want to earn money quickly then e-book writing is a good way to earn money online. Create a e-book in PDF format.
From e-bay – Another way of earn money is selling products on e-bay. E-book is the biggest selling platform for the user. Sell your products on e-bay and earn money.
Selling old product – This is also a source of earn money. If there are many non-usable old things collected on your home then you can sell these things on online platform. Many sites like quikr.com and olx.in are the largest platform to selling old product in India. Remember you should sell only popular sites which have high user means probably high value of your product.

Payment modes:- Generally, the transaction is done online. If you want to earn money online then you should be smart. Generally there are three popular way to online transaction.
1. Bank transfer:- In this mode, Your payment will be directly online transferred to bank account in your favor. Generally, most Indian will use this method for online receiving the payment.
2. Cheque :- In this mode, the payment is sent to your address by cheque.
3. PayPal :- PayPal.com is a fastest mode of the transaction. In the world wide transaction, the paypal account will be used. For Indian user, you should have three basic need for confirm your paypal account 1. E-mail id verification 2. Bank account detail with verification 3. Pan card. 
I add all this sites with my best knowledge and research. Put your query if unsolved in this article. I will try to solve your problem in next update. If you have any suggestion for improvement to this article then put you view in comment box.

 Thanks for reading this post :-)
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