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This world is filled by the blogger. Every blogger want to become a successful blogger but few can get this goal. Why??? Many surveys say that 99.9% on the internet are not useful or less of information. Also, only 1% blogs have some readership and 99.5% blog don’t generate any money.
A successful blogging is to get the traffic from search engine, social sites or other platforms and methods.
If you are a blogger then you should know these points of unsuccessful and remove these words from your dictionary.
1.    Bad content – Many times you read that Content is king. But mostly blogger only read this line. Always write great quality post. Your post should have all the information related to your title tag. It also has a unique title and description.
2.    Write for public – This is also leads to failure in blogging industry. Many blogger write some post on a specific topic and next day, they will write for another topic. Remember that, there are not way to read your post for public. Write for only your targeted audience not public.
3.    Ignore social sites – Many blogger thinks that if they will write quality content then their blog traffic will boost automatically. They think that search engine will index them and index on the top, someone journalism will search them and write for there article. There mind is wrong. If you are a blogger (new) then you should drive traffic from social sites. Search engine also index on the top which are popular post on the web. However, your primary focus on the quality posts then social sites.
4.    Limited Knowledge of the blog content
5.    Inconsistency
6.    Blogging platform
7.    Cultural variations
8.    Poor response to the comment.
9.    Layout of your blog.
10.                       Other factors like Bandwidth of your blog, Google page rank, domain-name, speed, communication platform etc.

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