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As we know that post writing is a well research article. It must have all the information related to heading and description of the page. Effective post is the result of best planning.
Generally, three steps are involved to plan blog post.
1.    Data collection
2.    Data selection
3.    Data arrangement.
1. Data collection – Collection of data is done by various methods like books, internet etc. You should collect all the information related to your topic. Collection of data creates the new ideas in post.
2. Data selection – This is the second step of strategy to write post. Collected data are filtered and selected according to the topic. The extract data should cover all the information about the related topic.
3. Data arrangement – This is the third step to write post. The selected content is effectively arranged according to title. This is the designed process of selected data and must have creative mind.

I hope these three tips works for your blog post. Further, You are genius J . I consider myself lucky if this information helps you. Best of luck!
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