How to Write effective comments on blog

Blog provide the facility to commenting. Comments on blog are the way for reader to ask his/her query. He/she leave its suggestions in comment box. Blogger will analyze these queries and give appropriate solution.
Write a comment on a blog may looks simple, but it is to hard write effective comment. Comments will show your personality because in blog, your words say about your mind.
In this article I would like to tell you how to write effective comments on blog.
1.    Your purpose – First, think about your purpose of comment. If you read a blog post, then you can give the suggestion, ask the query, create backlinks or send a message to the blogger. Many users will comments without any purpose. This is the time consuming. Your time is important for you.
2.    Profile – Your profile create the first impression to the viewer. Mostly blog have the facility to comment with profile. In mostly blog, you can comment with Google+ profile, Facebook profile, and Twitter profile. So, improve your profile i.e. add a good attractive selfie.
3.    In your words – Comment directly in your words. Always ask questions related to the posts. Your query will be in simple language that will be understood by other viewers. Try to keep your comment in limited words like 70-80 is sufficient.
4.    Give your opinion – Comments are the way to give your opinion to the blogger and other viewers. So, you can leave your words as your opinion or suggestion.
5.    Connect with people – your query will relate to the blog post. If you comment on related post query that there is a high chance to response of your comment. You can directly leave comment to address admin.

Thanks for your attention. I hope that this post will help you. If you have any suggestion or query, feel free to ask via comment box.


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