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To get traffic from us dominant country like USA, Canada, UK etc. are always dream for every blogger. Every blogger want to traffic from US. Why???
Why US traffic is important for blogger???
This is simple. Let we use adsense, adhitz etc. sites for monetize our blog. Mostly ad revenue sites gives the more beneficial to the click if the traffic is comes from US countries.
In this article I would like to explain some tricks to get traffic from US to your blog.
1.    Your blog is in English language
First of all, your blog must be in English language. USA, UK, Canada are English speaking countries so you should write blog in their language.
2.    Submit your site in Social bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleupon, reddit etc.
There are many social bookmarking sites which have USA dominant users. You can drive these users toward your blog. Just become the member of these sites and make followers, submit your articles and get huge traffic.
Remember that these sites have mainly traffic from USA, UK, and Canada if you want traffic from these countries.
3.    Submit your blog in Yahoo directory.
Yahoo is a popular search engine of USA. It’s mainly traffic comes from USA. So, you should submit your blog in Yahoo directory. You should manually apply for this directory. An administrator will approve your blog manually.
4.    Comment on those blog which has a huge traffic from USA.
You can select those blogs which have high traffic from USA. You can subscribe, follow and other method to connect these blog. You can leave comments in these blogs and engage users to drive towards your blog.
5.    Target your followers of US via social sites easily.
Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube etc. sites have millions of active users including USA. You can become the member of these sites and can target the users of specific country.
6.    Join forums which comes mostly traffic from US.
Forum is the popular way to communicate with the communities of like-minded people. You can join Blogger communities’ forum mainly which has high traffic from USA. You can submit article in these forum and engage to drive toward your blog.
7.    Submit US dominant interested articles
This is also important method to get traffic from US countries. You should write for US dominant people. Write posts on solutions of there queries in their words and mind.
8.    Be a person of US.
This is also interesting factor but lead to communication with US people. If you are the person of US then it is much simple to understand the mind of local people. Same country factor will connect the people due to nationality inspiration. However, don’t worry if you are not resident of USA, because mostly people want to solution of there problem not think whose resident solve.
9.    Submit your blog in USA, Canada and U.K. directories
Submit your blog in USA, Canada and UK directories. People love to bookmarks these directories and frequently used to search local blog. If your blog have in these directory then you can make loyal visitors from US.
  10. Advertise with USA demographic sites.
This is the ultimate paid but can boost your traffic instantly. You should select popular like-minded sites which comes traffic from US. Advertise with these sites. You can advertise in Google using Google Adwords. Google Adwords provide the facility to target your visitors in specific country and specific keyword.
Note: - You can view those sites which has come traffic from us mainly. I use alexa.com to see these types of sites.


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