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Successful blogging is to get traffic on your blog. If your blog has high traffic, you are successful blogger. You can earn money if you have high visitors to you blog.
However, to increase traffic is very difficulty, but I want to share some information how I increase traffic to my blog (indiawebpage.blogspot.com).
Follow some tips to increase your blog or website.
1.     Submit your blog or website to search engine – Submit your website on top search engines like Google, yahoo, bing.com. When you submit your blog or website in search engine, search engine will indexing and crawling your blog or website. They will display your blog or website in search engine.

2.     Submit your new articles to search engine – Also submit your content in search engines, Search engine like Google, yahoo will indexing and crawling your article. They will also display your article link in their searching. Submit your link to search engine quickly when you update you article or post new article.

3.     Get traffic from social sites – Today, mostly people use social sites to connect the virtual social world. Social sites have millions of user. You can drive these users to your blog or website. These users are original user and they will connect with you with social sites. These users can build your loyal visitors of your website.
a.     Get traffic from Facebook – Today, Facebook is a famous social networking site. It is easy to use. It has millions of user daily. You can drive this traffic to your blog or website. Create a Facebook page and connect with your target visitors. You can also advertise with Facebook and get huge followers. You can get huge traffic daily by submitting 5-6 post daily on Facebook with your links.

b.     Get Traffic from Google plus – Google plus are fast growing social sites, mostly user creating their profile on Google+. Google plus also has millions of user. So, create a Google plus profile or Google plus page on Google+ and link this page with your website or blog. Google will display in searching your blog or website. Post article with your website link on Google plus page and get mass traffic to your blog. Thus, Google plus is another way to drive traffic to your website.

c.     Get traffic from Twitter – Micro-blogging sites twitter.com is another famous social networking site. It is also easy to use and work. Twitter has also millions of visitors. You can drive these visitors to your blog or website. Create your profile on Twitter.com and create high following list on twitter. You can advertise with twitter and promote your profile on twitter. Post article in Twitter with your website link and get huge traffic from twitter.

d.     Get traffic from Linkedin.com – Linkedin.com is another popular social networking site which has also millions of users online daily. Linkedin.com is profession site which have profession user. If your blog or website has high quality content then you must create profile in Linkedin.com because it has profession user mostly. They can build your loyal visitor of your site.

4.     Prepare your website for Google searching – Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. As we know that mostly people search keywords in Google. So, to get Traffic from Google is very important. SEO measure the search quality of your website in search engine like Google. So, improve your SEO.
Follow some tips to improve SEO:-
a.     Create backlinks – Search engine measure the popularity of website according to backlinks. Backlinks is one of the factors which tell the search engine about your website popularity. So, create huge backlinks of your blog or website.

b.     Improve your page rank – Increase your blog or website page rank. Google will give high priority of those sites which have high Page rank.

c.     Submit organic and quality article – Always write organic and quality content. Google likes fresh content and also give high priority. Submit always fresh and original article. Google will index your blog on the top which result high traffic to your website.

d.     Get traffic from high page rank sites – This is another way to get high traffic. Get traffic from those sites which have high Google page rank. Thus, Google will increase your rank and indexed your website on the top of the page.

5.     Promote your website in local newspaper – If you do online local business, and then advertise your website on local newspaper is a good way to get traffic for your website. You can create loyal visitors to your blog or website via newspaper advertisement. Thus, newspaper advertisement is a simple source to get traffic to your blog or website. So, Contact your local newspaper agency.

6.     Submit Guest post on other related sites – Guest post is another way to drive traffic to your blog or website. Guest post is very important to increase your website rank. Find top PR rank sites which offer the free guest post writing. However, you don’t worry to find these sites because my blog offers the guest post writing. You can submit your article on my blog and drive traffic to your sites. You can submit your backlinks on my blog. So, don’t think and click on submit guest post, which is given above. I will add your post after approval and send you message when approval your post.

7.     Write comment on blog or websites – When you write comment on other blog or website, leave your website link with comment. Thus, comment can be a small but effective source of your website.

8.     Join forum groups – Many sites offers discuss platform on various topic. You can drive traffic from these site by leave your website link in comments.

9.     Answer the questions – Many sites like yahoo offers to give answer of questions. You can leave your website links in answer and when user fined this questions and answers they will drive to your sites.

10.                        Create a channel on Youtube.com – As we know that youtube is a famous search engine. You can create your Youtube channel and drive traffic to your sites. Thus, Youtube can play an important role to bring traffic to your website or blog.

11.                        E-mail subscribers – E-mail subscribers are good for website traffic. If your visitors will subscribe your E-mail newsletter then you can send every new post automatically. E-mail subscribers will get your new post link on their E-mail instantly. Thus, E-mail subscribe is very good for increase website traffic. Add E-mail subscriber button to your website and encourage your visitors to click on it.

I hope this tips are very useful to improve your blog or website traffic.

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