Blogging is the way to help and guide your reader. And for help and guide, your content should be effectively well understood by the reader. Hence, successful blog posting are the way to satisfy the reader of your blog.
To understand your content to reader is much difficulty problem to every blog. There are many fundamental way to communication with the reader. Note that in blog, your words are your mouth of communication. So, we can understand these methods via 7’s effectively communication tips.
In this article, I would like to share 7 tips to write blog post effectively.

1.    Completeness – Your post must be complete. It must have all necessary information related to heading. Your article must relate with the heading and user’s query. So, find all information about your content and then write. Complete information leads to the satisfaction to the reader and lead loyal reader.

A complete blog post has following features:
·       It develops and enhances reputation of an organization.
·       They are cost saving as no crucial information is missing. And also no additional cost is required in conveying extra post if your post is complete.
·       A complete post always gives the additional information wherever required. It leaves no doubt and objection in the reader mind.
·       It helps in better decision making by the reader if they get all desired and crucial information with loyalty.
·       A complete post also persuades the audience.

2.    Conciseness – Conciseness means wordiness (long-wideness). It means your post should be in least possible words without remove valuable information. A concise post is complete and brings emphasis by eliminating unnecessary words. Conciseness is a necessity for effectively communication. A conciseness communication has following features:
a.    It leads to reduce words thus it is a time saving as well as cost saving.
b.    It underlines and highlights the main message of the post. It removes unnecessary information from the blog post mean better readability to the reader.
c.     It provides the short and essential information in limited words to the audience.
d.    Concise message is more appealing and comprehensible to the audience.
e.     Concise information must not be repetitive.
3.    Consideration – Consideration implies “stepping into the shoes of others”.  Effective communication must take the audience into consideration. You should have all the knowledge your blog reader. It may be audience view point, background, mind-set, education level etc. You are going to writing for your audience so you must have information about your readers. MODIfy your words according to your audience needs. A consideration blog post has following features:
a.    Emphasize and adapt “you attitude” approach. Your readers are your all.
b.    Highlight on the audience and exhibit interest in the audience. This will leads to the positive reaction from the readers.
c.     Show optimism towards your audience. Emphasize on “what is possible” rather then “what is impossible”.  Be positive and show your positivism in your post.
4.    Clarity – This say that your post should be clear in very first instance. It creates meaningful understanding and brings feedback from reader. In other words, your post is actually understood by the receiver. Clarity implies emphasizing on a specific topic or goal at a time, rather then trying too much at once.  It has following features:
a.    It makes better understanding to post.
b.    Complete clarity of thoughts and ideas enhances the meaning of posts.
c.     Clear post makes use of exact, appropriate and concrete words.

5.    Concreteness – It means that your post should be effective, clear, specific, vivid and definite. Concrete post implies being particular and clear. It strengthens the confidence and leave a positive message to the reader. It has following features:
a.     It is supported with exact details and information.
b.    It makes use of words that are understandable and that build the position.
c.     Concrete (real) posts are not misinterpreted.
6.    Courtesy – Courtesy in post implies the post should show the author expressions as well as should give value to the reader. The author of the Post should be sincerely respectful, sensible, thoughtful and excited. It has following features:
a.    It implies taking into consideration both viewpoints as well as feelings of the receiver of the message.
b.    Courtesy posts are positive and focused to the audience.
c.     Your post should show the respect to the reader of your blog.
7.    Correctness – This is ultimate C among 7’C. According to this, your post should not have any grammatical errors in communication. A correct post has following features:
a.    Your post should be accurate, truthful and favorable.
b.    A correct post boosts your confidence and brings a positive attitude in writing.
c.     A correct post has greater impact to the reader.
d.    It checks the exactness and correctness of information and data used in post.
e.     Your language, written in post, should be correct and easily understand by your audience.

In this article, I explained basic 7 C’s to write blog post. I hope this will definitely work. If you have any query/feedback/suggestion, feel free to leave in comment box.


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