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Approved way to earn money online in India.

Earn money in india without any investiment
Today, internet is not only way of commutate the world but you can earn money form this. Popularity of internet generates a platform to earn money from it. As we know that mostly educated people surf the web and find the information. This is the targeted community in the internet from which we can earn money by helping them. You think how you can help them in the internet and how to earn money from this. Don’t worry; I will explain all points which earn money from you. You must complete read this article to understand all points related to earn money.
Way to earn money online in india

Today everybody will want to earn money. There are two ways of earn money in this world. First is Online and other is offline. If you want to earn money from online in India then you reach on the right place. I will share all information related to your query.
Earn money for student from internet

First, I want to tell that how I earn money from the internet means online in India. I will explain this method with my best knowledge. Please read this carefully, this can change your life; decision is in your hands.
Blogging – Yes!!! This is the most popular method to earn money online in India. Create your blog and earn money from it. You can become your own boss and can earn unlimited money. I also do blogging and earn a lot of money from it.
Follow these steps to earn money from blogging –
1.    Create your blog: - Create your blog with a unique URL. You can also create a free blog and earn money online.
2.    Just go to blogger.com and register yourself and create a blog.
3.     Post some good quality articles in this blog and
4.    Sign up for Google adsense.
5.    When Google adsense will approve your blog, you can put ads in your blog. When visitors will view your blog and click on this ads, adsense will pay money to you.
Note:- This is a most popular method to earn money online in India. But you can not earn money instantly. You should give your blog for minimum 1 or 2 month. However, if you want to income continuous and you want to guide people in your field by write articles, then you should do blogging. You can see this website. This is my blog and you see ads on my blog. Infolinks.com will pay to me for these ads.

Paid articles – If you have no infrastructure to manage your blog i.e. you don’t wait for 1 or 2 month then paid articles writing is good money making option for you.
If you are an expert on your field and you and write articles then you can earn money from it.  Many blog or websites offers to pay for write articles. This may be from $1 to $50 per post.
Freelancer Writing – This is also similar with the paid articles and if you have technical skill but you are weak to manage articles. I want to share some sites list which pay for write article for them. Click on these sites and best of luck!
Note:- 1. Before apply for freelancing articles, you should know your field of interest.
2.They can take your free sample article to check your skill. You should create a blog and post some good articles.
3. Every site pay different value of money for writing, so you should compare and choose who best pay you.
1.      You must check their paid history.

Video marketing – We know that youtube is the second search engine after Google. You will notice that in youtube video, a ads will be show before starting a video. This ad was put by the user who uploads this video. And he/she earn money from it.
Now, the question is how the money makes from youtube.
First, you should have the ability to record, editing etc basic formatting knowledge of video. If you have these ability, you can earn huge money from youtube.
Follow these steps to earn money online in India from youtube
1.    Create youtube channel :- First of all, you should create a youtube account. Fill your information and upload your picture.
2.    Upload unique and viral video :- Upload a video which can takes some views from youtube. This video must be unique means not copy from other channels.
3.    Now invite your friends to view this video. Also, send a link in social sites.
4.    Increase subscriber – Increase your subscriber list. For a new channel, you can invite your friends to subscribe your channel.
5.    When your channel’s videos get sufficient views like 500+ view then you can apply for adsense to monetize your video. From youtube, you can directly apply for adsense.
6.    After approval of your account, before your videos, ads will be show. You will be pay for each views.
Note:-  To earn money from youtube is also popular way today. If you have skill to give voice to your words, then this platform gets your popularity as well as earning.
To earn money from this platform you should focus on your videos quality. If your video quality is good then this can be viral.

Paid Surveys – Now a day, every brand will research to the market to establish in the industry. They will want to know the users opinion for their products. Surveys are very costly work, but some sites provide the facility to take surveys at a place and online. These sites have thousands of active users. When companies want to take survey for their product then it meet to the website and website will deliver this data to the active users.
Generally, active users will get from 1 to 10 survey links in their e-mail. They can give their opinion anytime. They will credit for every survey and earn money for every survey.
You can join these surveys and give your opinion. I listed some sites which paid for surveys.

Tips for earn money from surveys in India.
1.    Create a separate e-mail id to manage your surveys.
2.    Every sites pay according to its market, so choose a best survey sites for you.
3.    You can join many sites for generate more revenue.
4.    Try to do best response in surveys.
Note:- You can search similar sites related to paid survey in Google if you want to join more sites. Always see the popularity and paid history of the website. You can check their popularity using alexa.com
Playing Games – This will be humorous if you don’t earn money from internet. Many sites will pay you for playing games. Everyone likes to play game on both places online and offline.
I think this question will be in your mind that how these sites will pay for playing games. Actually, these sites have many advertisers and when you play games on their site, advertiser will pay to the website.
Now, you will know these sites revenue. And if you want to spend an entertainment moment with earn money online then join these sites quickly.
Here is the list of website which pay for playing game on their site.
Tips for earn money by playing games
1.    For every site, these sites have different payout to their user. So, join a network which is fit for you.
2.    Some site will pay you for quiz; students can increase their knowledge and making money also.
3.    These sites will be used for earning, when you are boring and want to entertainment environment as well as earn money.
4.    Always check their paid history and popularity.

Online Tutorial – If you are a student and want to earn money online then you can try this method to earn money online. Many sites which provide notes, tutorial video, tips etc for students. If you have skill to write notes or encourage students to their subjects then you can apply for online tutorial. They can take your online interview or can see your tutorial video. You should be ready to always face these situation after apply for these sites.
However, there may be many field for tutorial and you can earn money from those sites if you have skill relevant field.
Here, I listing some sites which hire online tutor.
Tips for earn money online in India from tutorial
1.    Generally recruiter can take your resume, so  complete this.
2.    Generally, for online tutor, they take your online video. So, make your classroom video or relevant video effectively.
3.    Always check their history.
PPC and referral earning sites: - PPC means pay per click. Many sites on the internet will pay you for click on their ads. These sites have a platform of user and advertisers. Publishers will distribute money to the user from advertiser. Publisher also has a part in revenue sharing. The main important feature of these sites is referral user bonus. Referral user means which invited by you on these sites. Some sites give lifetime bonus from this user.
For e.g. if a user will sign up with your referral link then he/she will be your referral user. If website will give you 10% lifetime bonus then your account will be credit with his/her 10% earning. Your earning will be boost according to your downline increase.
List of PPC sites which pay for per click.

Affiliate marketing – If you have a blog or website then you can earn money from affiliate marketing. You can use affiliate marketing to earn extra money. In the affiliate marketing, you will be paid for every sale not for ads. Affiliates sites will provide a link, you can share it in your blog or can share in social sites.
There are many sites which pay for referral commission, I listed these sites below. Join these networks if you can sell products by referral links.
Sell your art, crafts and other handcrafts here and make money.
E-books Selling – If you have a passion of writing and want to earn money quickly then e-book writing is a good way to earn money online. Create a e-book in PDF format.
From e-bay – Another way of earn money is selling products on e-bay. E-book is the biggest selling platform for the user. Sell your products on e-bay and earn money.
Selling old product – This is also a source of earn money. If there are many non-usable old things collected on your home then you can sell these things on online platform. Many sites like quikr.com and olx.in are the largest platform to selling old product in India. Remember you should sell only popular sites which have high user means probably high value of your product.

Payment modes:- Generally, the transaction is done online. If you want to earn money online then you should be smart. Generally there are three popular way to online transaction.
1. Bank transfer:- In this mode, Your payment will be directly online transferred to bank account in your favor. Generally, most Indian will use this method for online receiving the payment.
2. Cheque :- In this mode, the payment is sent to your address by cheque.
3. PayPal :- PayPal.com is a fastest mode of the transaction. In the world wide transaction, the paypal account will be used. For Indian user, you should have three basic need for confirm your paypal account 1. E-mail id verification 2. Bank account detail with verification 3. Pan card. 
I add all this sites with my best knowledge and research. Put your query if unsolved in this article. I will try to solve your problem in next update. If you have any suggestion for improvement to this article then put you view in comment box.

 Thanks for reading this post :-)


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